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            What is the quality of your products? Will it break after a short period of use?

            Product quality is the foundation of the production enterprise. All products produced by our company are specially designed and manufactured according to the domestic operating environment based on the introduction of foreign advanced technology, and the products meet the national standards. We strictly control every link that affects product quality, from parts procurement to equipment design, production, and installation, and strictly control quality to prevent the outflow of defective products. We also reflected in the contract that if the product has quality problems, we will unconditionally return and exchange the goods after verification, and bear the costs incurred.


            Seeing that the degree of automation of your equipment is quite high, what should our workers do not use it?

            You don't have to worry about this problem at all. Our company will deliver the product manual and precautions to the customer while sending out the product to the customer. For customers with special requirements, we can also arrange technicians to go to the site to debug and teach in person. In addition, many devices of our company are equipped with detailed operation videos, so that you can understand the operation process of the equipment more conveniently and clearly. If there are other problems in the later period, our after-sales team will provide you with all-day technical services as soon as the company is working.


            Our project is urgent. When can you deliver the equipment to the site?

            Since the signing of the project contract and the delivery of the deposit by the customer, the various departments of the company have closely coordinated, striving to complete the production of the equipment in the shortest time under the premise of ensuring the quality, and the professional and technical personnel will carry out the adjustment test and acceptance. According to the size of the equipment and the degree of self-control, under normal circumstances, we generally have laboratory equipment and pilot equipment in stock, and can be shipped within 3-5 days; for large-scale customized equipment, the delivery cycle is generally 20-90 working days. Wait.


            After buying your equipment, what should I do if there is a problem later?

            Our company has its own professional after-sales team, providing a full range of technical services 24 hours a day. First of all, our after-sales engineers will propose reasonable solutions to you according to your description. If it cannot be solved, the technical problems that require engineers to come to solve the technical problems. Under normal circumstances, after the company receives the repair notice, the customer's after-sales technicians in the province will Arrive at the scene within 24 hours. For customers outside the province, they will arrive at the scene within 48 hours to help customers find out the cause and eliminate the fault as soon as possible. In addition, during the warranty period, if the fault is caused by our company’s equipment, our company will provide you with free maintenance services. If the fault cannot be eliminated, we promise to replace it free of charge.

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